There are four categories of scholarships available to ASET members through the ASET Foundation:

ASET Scholarship: Scholarships are awarded to ASET members to attend ASET Annual Conferences and education seminars and to cover the registration costs for ASET online courses. ASET Scholarships may be applied only to registration costs. The scholarships can not be used to defray the cost of travel to attend the education event. Because the live events are held at various times throughout the year, be sure to check the appropriate application filing deadline for the event you wish to attend. Funding for the ASET Scholarships is from individual donations to the fund and net proceeds from the Foundation’s fundraising events and activities.

CSS Scholarships: The CSS (Company Sponsored Scholarship) program encourages neurodiagnostic technologists’ pursuit of continuing education and professional achievement through vendor funding of scholarships for ASET members to attend the ASET annual conferences. At a minimum, CSS scholarships cover the cost of full registration to the annual conference. Some scholarships also may provide funding to help offset the cost of travel to the event.

John Archibald Student Scholarship: The John Archibald Student Scholarship is awarded annually to assist a student in attending the ASET annual conference. The award consists of cash to help offset the cost of travel as well as a waiver of the annual conference registration fee. Students must be ASET members and enrolled in a CAAHEP accredited neurodiagnostic program at the time application is made.

Lewis Kull Online Education Scholarship: This scholarship covers the registration cost for up to two ASET online courses per applicant. The scholarship does not cover the purchase cost of reading material that may be required for course enrollment. In addition to being a member of ASET in good standing, candidates must have been a member of ASET for at least one year prior to the year of making an application. No individual is eligible to be a scholarship recipient in two consecutive years.

With interest rates remaining historically low due to the state of the nation’s economy, the ASET Foundation scholarship programs are only able to be sustained through your generous contributions as not enough interest is being earned on the fund balances to support the programs. Please consider making a donation to one or more of the scholarship funds. Your donations advance and support excellence in quality patient care by helping the Foundation continue to provide needed resources to neurodiagnostic students and professionals to enhance knowledge, understanding, and skills in the field. Remember, all donations are tax-deductible from your income in the year in which they are donated.