The ASET Foundation

Empowering students and technologists to pursue neurodiagnostic education and improve skills.

The ASET Foundation serves at the charitable arm of ASET – The Neurodiagnostic Society and exists to allow for tax deductible donations to fund ASET’s many educational endeavors.

Our primary purpose is to enhance the professional development of neurodiagnostic practitioners by developing philanthropic resources for the promotion and support of education specifically for neurodiagnostic technologists.  The ASET Foundation seeks broadly based financial support from professional, public, private and corporate sources.

How the ASET Foundation supports neurodiagnostic technologists:

  • Scholarships for the ASET annual conference and spring and fall seminars
  • ASET on-line course scholarships
  • Tuition grants for students enrolled in NDT programs
  • Special project grants for initiatives which support Neurodiagnostic Technologists
  • Special award programs – K. Mears Education Award for NDT programs, John Knott lecture program for regional societies, curriculum development funding for educators

You can find more information about these programs at the tabs on the top of this webpage, and application forms for each are at the “downloads” tab.

All donations are appreciated and donors may specify a favorite program if they choose.

The Brain Trust is the ASET Foundation’s special program for donors who pledge a total of $2,500 over five years.

I have been the recipient of 2 ASET Foundation Scholarships so far in my career (2016 and 2019). The 2 events were both memorable and practical. The practical use of the ASET Foundation Scholarship is what builds my confidence when I am working with challenging clinical cases.  I still encourage the donors to the ASET Foundation to consider helping the ASET Foundation in order to help the new technologists in the field.  The final concluding statement I want to make is the scholarship helped me keep pace with new developments in the field.

Thanks To All

As a neurodiagnostic student in 2010, I was honored to receive the John Archibald Scholarship! This scholarship allowed me to attend my first annual ASET conference. My experience at that conference was a major turning point in my career development as it introduced me to a large network of neurodiagnostic professionals, and a wide array of educational and volunteer opportunities! To this day I am still thankful for the opportunity and those who donated to this cause. I would encourage anyone to make a donation to the ASET Foundation because you are truly making a difference in someone’s life.

Gail Hayden, who was the president of ASET, called me one day to tell me that I won the ASET Foundation Scholarship just when I was running out of unemployment benefits in my second year of the program. Wow!  So Hard to believe that I went from that to where I am today! I am so very blessed and very thankful!

Important Dates

March 1, 2021: ASET Scholarship application deadline for Virtual Spring Seminar, March 23 & 30, 2021 – Click Here for Application

March 31, 2021: Lewis Kull Online Education Scholarship quarterly application filing deadline – Click Here for Application

May 15, 2021: Application deadline for CSS and ASET Scholarships for 2020 ASET Annual Conference

June 1. 2021: John Knott Education Lecture Application filing deadline

June 1, 2021: Tuition Grant Application filing deadline

June 1, 2021: Special Projects Grant Application filing deadline

June 30, 2021: Lewis Kull Online Education Scholarship quarterly application filing deadline

July 15, 2021: Silent Auction Donation Forms filing deadline

July 21, 2021: Silent Auction Donations shipping deadline

Fall Seminar Scholarship Application dates TBA

September 30, 2021: Lewis Kull Online Education Scholarship quarterly application filing deadline

December 31, 2021: Lewis Kull Online Education Scholarship quarterly application filing deadline

Thank you to Gail Hayden, one of the founders of the ASET Foundation, for her generous donation to support the development and maintenance of this website.

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