Donate Online

To make a U.S. tax-deductable donation online, simply click here to access our secure and easy-to-use transaction using PayPal. Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover are accepted. You do not need a PayPal account to donate. If you already have a PalPal account, you can donate from your account or transfer from your bank account. When you complete your transaction, you will automatically receive an email receipt which can act as proof of your donation for tax purposes.

Donate by Mail or Fax

To make a donation by mail or fax, download and print the donor form and mail or fax it to the ASET Foundation.


For your convenience, you may pledge your contribution and select to pay your pledge monthly or quarterly. You may pledge your contribution using the downloadable donor form. The ASET Foundation will send a friendly reminder as to when your next pledge payment should be mailed.

Gifts in Honor or Memorial

A contribution to the ASET Foundation in honor or in memory of someone brings special meaning to your gift. We will send a card to those you designate to receive notification of your honor or memorial gift.

To make a gift in someone’s honor, please include the name and address of that person where requested on the online or downloadable donation form.

To make a gift in someone’s memory, please include the name and address of any individual(s), friends, family members or colleagues you would like us to notify where requested on the online or downloadable donation form.

Gifts of Stock and Securities

The ASET Foundation welcomes gifts of stock and securities, which also may help you avoid capital gains tax on appreciated securities. Please contact the ASET Foundation Executive Director for instructions and account information.

Corporate Matching Gifts

Your workplace may have a matching gift program, which can double or even triple your donation to the ASET Foundation. Talk to the human resources department at your institution to find out if this is an option.

Planned Giving


When you name the ASET Foundation in your will, it means that your support for our work will continue into the future. A bequest can be a designated amount, a percentage, or the amount that remains after other bequests have been honored.

Life Insurance

Life insurance is another way to donate to the ASET Foundation. There are a number of different options in this area, including life and health insurance since there are different options for this like the Alabama Medicare supplement plans which are great to protect your health and your family’s. You can name ASET Foundation as a beneficiary to receive a certain percentage of your life insurance; donate a paid-up policy, which enables you to take a tax deduction in the amount of the replacement value of the policy; purchase a new policy and designate ASET Foundation as owner and beneficiary (all of your premiums are then tax-deductible); or designate ASET Foundation as a secondary or final beneficiary, which means that if your primary beneficiary(ies) predeceases you, ASET Foundation is then the beneficiary and the amount received is deducted from your estate taxes.

Life Income Gifts

A charitable gift annuity, a charitable annuity trust, and a charitable unitrust are all ways of making a life income donation to the ASET Foundation. During your lifetime, you will receive payments from your gift, with the knowledge that you will be helping us in the future. In addition, other benefits of this approach to giving include tax deductions and savings on estate and inheritance taxes.

Retirement Assets

Giving retirement assets enables you to fulfill your charitable goals while removing a tax burden from your heirs. Unlike your heirs, the ASET Foundation does not have to pay income taxes on the assets. Through retirement assets, you may be able to make a larger donation to the Foundation and reserve nontaxable assets for your heirs. You can also use retirement assets to establish a charitable trust, designating the ASET Foundation as the final beneficiary. Your spouse or other beneficiary will receive payments from the trust for the duration of his/her life, after which the Foundation will receive the remainder, with no estate or income taxes levied, to continue our work.

For more information about planned giving options, please consult with your attorney, financial or investment counselor.

Any gift – large or small – is deeply appreciated. The ASET Foundation is classified under the Internal Revenue Service Code as a 501(c)3 public charity. All donations and contributions to the Foundation are tax deductible from your income in the year they are donated. Our Federal Tax Identification number is 77-0644963.