The ASET Foundation is committed to a core set of values that promote the highest standards of patient care through educational development and research. With your generosity, the Foundation is able to support the development and delivery of opportunities relating to the educational needs of the neurodiagnostics profession by, for examples, helping underwrite tuition through grants; providing scholarships for ASET’s continuing education seminars, annual conference, and on-line courses; and supporting continued development of neurodiagnostic core curriculum for distance education and on-line learning. The giving categories are based on the following donation levels:

  • Contributor

    Up to $100

  • Supporter

    $101 to $500

  • Patron

    $501 to $1,000

  • Collegue

    $1,001 to $3,000

  • Advocate

    $3,001 to $10,000

  • Benefactor

    > $10,000

To our list of donors, thank you for your generous contributions. Your continued financial support of the ASET Foundation is truly a commitment to quality patient care and the advancement of neurodiagnostics.