ASET members may apply for an ASET Scholarship to attend ASET education seminars and conferences.  The ASET Foundation will fund a minimum of one full registration to each ASET-sponsored education seminar, and four full registrations to the ASET Annual Conference.  The number of applications approved will be based on prior fiscal year donations to the ASET Scholarship Fund and net proceeds from general fundraising activities.

Scholarships are awarded based on financial and educational needs of the applicants. Additional evaluation criteria of applications include – but are not limited to – educational growth for personal and/or professional application, the need for skills as defined by lab expansion or change in employment, an employment promotion with the need for continuing education, and preparation for board exams. In addition to being a member of ASET in good standing, candidates must have been a member of ASET for at least one year prior to the year of making application. ASET Scholarships may be applied only to registration costs. The scholarships can not be used to defray cost of travel to attend the education event. Individuals are not eligible for an ASET Scholarship if they have received funding from the ASET Foundation within two years prior to making application.

To apply for an ASET Scholarship, you will need to complete the application form (also available from the Download page) and include with it a:

  • Item 1

    typed, signed statement of your general activities and interests, career and professional goals, responsibilities of your position and how attending the annual conference or education seminar would better help you in the course of your day-to-day job, long-term career, and/or professional goals AND

  • Item 2

    letter of recommendation from the your supervisor or administration approving or noting their support of your travel to and participation in the event.

Generally, the deadlines for filing ASET Scholarship applications are two months prior to the education seminars and three months prior to the annual conference. Please refer to the application form for specific application filing deadlines.