The ASET Foundation funds two types of grant programs:

1. Tuition grants are available to students attending CAAHEP accredited neurodiagnostic programs. In addition, persons who are already employed in the neurodiagnostic profession may apply for a tuition grant to attend a 2-year junior college or a 4-year college to pursue their degree.

2. Special projects relating to curriculum, educator, or clinical site development, and special publications can be considered for a Foundation grant.

The amount of funding awarded will vary depending upon the specifics of the program.

In 2010, the Foundation awarded a grant to ASET to apply to the American Council on Education’s CREDIT (College Credit Recommendation Service) program for the assignment of college credits for the Society’s online courses that would be recommended to colleges and universities to be applied to a degree. Once approved, students completing the ASET online course modules were able to obtain college credit toward their degree without having to earn them in the traditional college classroom setting.

Funding to support the special projects grant program comes from individual donations to the General Fund and from the Foundation’s fundraising events and activities. Please continue to give generously to the ASET Foundation General and Scholarship funds. Your contributions will have a direct impact on improving quality patient care by expanding the opportunity for individuals to receive formal education in neurodiagnostic as well as helping to advance education and training methodologies for the profession. Your contributions are tax-deductible from your income in the year they are donated. You may make a donation online or download a donation form.